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Book 7 in the Venture Capitalist Series


Flawless Venture Capitalist book 6

A woman with a secret. A tech wizard on the trail of hackers. A tycoon's dying revelation threatens everything.

Constance lands a job at the company she always wanted to work for, but struggles to make ends meet while caring for her fragile mother. When she meets the charming Parker, her life seems to be turning around, until the secret she carries upends everything.

With his reputation on the line Parker is dedicated to tracking down the hackers. When Constance is assigned to help him, she becomes an impossible distraction.

When a secret from her past tears them apart, can Constance and Parker heal the rift created by a dying tycoons revelation?

Flawless is book 6 in the sizzling Venture Capitalist romantic suspense series. If you like white-hot passion, burning mysteries, and smoldering bachelors, then you’ll love Ainsley St Claire’s steamy novel.

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Obsession Venture Capitalist book 5

A scorching romance is all theirs… if the mob doesn't get to her first.

Cynthia's corporate whistleblowing against the mafia turned her life upside down. Throwing herself into a new high-powered job, she tries to ignore how her past decisions might come back to bite her. Her plan to keep everyone at arm's length fails when a gorgeous billionaire takes her breath away, adding a potential target to the crosshairs…

Tired of gold-digging women, Todd's stunning and brilliant new neighbor makes him feel like more than a billion bucks. He can't wait to invest his mind, body, and soul into her and her life. If only he could figure out why she's holding back…

When Cynthia learns the Russians want revenge, she has no choice but to spill her secrets to Todd and pray he doesn't become the next victim.

With hitmen hot on their heels, can Cynthia and Todd keep their love alive before the mob bankrupts their future?

Obsession is the fifth standalone book in the steamy Venture Capitalist series of romantic suspense novels. If you like powerful heroes, confident women, and scorching-hot action, then you’ll love Ainsley St Claire’s tantalizing tale.

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Temptation Venture Capitalist Book 4

She helps her clients become millionaires and billionaires. He transforms grapes into wine. Can they find more than love at the bottom of a glass?

Greer uses her career in PR to hide from her heartbreak. After a family illness scared off her previous boyfriend, she simply wants to keep her head down and work. But when a chance encounter reconnects her with a sexy Italian winemaker, she wonders if fortune is finally spinning her way…

Andy only has room in his life for family and wine. After the brilliant Greer surprisingly enters his life, however, he's willing to give long distance a shot. But when his family conflicts with his relationship, he's unsure if he can balance both his heart and his home.

As Greer and Andy deal with subterfuge at work, can they grow their chemistry into a full-bodied sip of love?

Temptation is the fourth standalone book in the Venture Capitalist series of contemporary romance novels. If you like chiseled Italian heroes, no-nonsense heroines, and steamy bedroom action, then you'll love Ainsley St Claire's delicious Napa novel.

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Venture Capitalist

book 3

She used to be in the 1%. He’s a self-made billionaire. Will one hot night fuel love’s startup?

Hadlee may have lost her privileged ultra-rich life, but she’s found happiness healing sick children. If only all those happy smiles could soften the blow when her long-term boyfriend comes out to her at a good friend's wedding. Blindsided and hunting for a distraction, a chance encounter with the 6' 5" bad boy she's crushed on for years comes at exactly the right time…

After a company security leak sends his emotions into a tailspin, billionaire venture capitalist Cameron welcomes the occasion to blow off steam at a friend's wedding. When he bumps into the smart and sexy Hadlee, his desire for fun starts to run red hot. As they tumble into bed, Cameron wonders if his kinky obsessions could take the one-night stand a step too far…

While they both try to pass off their steamy attraction as a relationship rebound, fate has other plans. When Hadlee loses her house and Cameron offers her a room, they both know the sheets won't stay on for long. Can they turn one passionate night into the love of a lifetime, or will their flames run out of fuel?

Desire is a standalone novel in the steamy Venture Capitalist romantic suspense series. If you like powerful men, passionate women, and wild nights, then you'll love Ainsley St Claire’s wickedly-hot page turner.

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Venture Capitalist

book 2

She’s reclaiming her past. He's dodging the spotlight. Can a romance of high achievers succeed in a world hungry for public scandal?

Single, hard-working lawyer Sara White hopes to someday be a better mother than the one that left her on the steps of a church. Despite becoming rich beyond her wildest dreams, her success feels empty without knowing the truth behind her childhood abandonment. With her constant work and her elite social circle, she has little time for a personal life until a boring corporate party reveals a super sexy CEO…

Charles Michael “Trey” Arnault, III dreams up new tricks each day to foil the relentless paparazzi. As Silicon Valley royalty, the eligible bachelor's biggest problem isn’t finding a woman, it's keeping them away from his fortune. But when the alluring Sara hooks him in, he knows he's finally met his match.

As their relationship becomes public gossip, a scandal and a major discovery throw Charles and Sara's connection into turmoil. Can the high-powered duo overcome the bloodthirsty media and their own trust issues to unite in perfectly paired passion?

Promise is the second standalone novel in the steamy Venture Capital romantic suspense series. If you like strong women, magnetic attractions, and page-turning plots, then you'll love Ainsley St Claire's red-hot novel.

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Forbidden Love

Venture Capitalist

book 1

He’s an eligible billionaire. She’s his alluring employee. Will they cross the line from boardroom to bedroom?

Venture capitalist Dillon Healy knows how to close the deal. And in a city where straight men are few and wealth opens doors, he has his pick of all the beauties in the bay. But when a new partner at his successful company arouses more than his passing interest, the company “no fraternization” policy may have him questioning his projections.

With her thriving company bought by SHN, Emerson Winthrop is eager to make a good impression at her new job, her tantalizing peer keeps throwing her off her game. But just as things start going according to her plans, a traumatic encounter threatens to destroy what she’s worked so hard to build…

To help Emerson recover from her tragedy, the playboy Dillon surprises himself by offering friendship and nothing more. As their connection deepens, will a billion-dollar blowup crush their budding romance or make them unbreakable?

Forbidden Love is the first standalone book in the Venture Capitalist series of steamy romances. If you like heartthrob bosses, sexy-and-smart heroines, twist-filled plots, then you’ll love Ainsley St Claire’s too-hot-to-handle tale.

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In A Perfect World

Everyone wants to believe in soulmates and true love. They’d believed in it once, too, back when they were twenty.

As college students Kat Moore and Pete Wilder meet and unknowingly change their lives forever. Though they are living on opposite sides of the country, they develop a love for one another that never seems to work out for them. They marry other people and yet life brings them together and they struggle to understand what their undeniable attraction is to one another.

Over forty years, the two lovers will discover undeniable truths about the choices they make. And they will ask themselves if soulmates and true love really are in the cards for everyone.

In this powerfully moving tale of love lost, rediscovered, and renewed, we follow Kat and Pete as they realize one night put them on a path they never saw coming.